Q:  What size are the spheres of a Buckyballs?

A:  All genuine Buckyballs spheres are 5mm in diameter. All type of Buckyballs we sell are fully compatible with each other and the spheres can be combined to make larger creations.

Q:  Where is my order shipped from?

A:  All orders from TheBuckyballs.com are shipped from Bangalore Karnataka in India.

Q:  What is the magnetic strength of a Buckyballs sphere?

A:  The magnetic strength of a Buckyballs sphere is a trade secret. We have chosen this particular size and strength after extensive testing to determine the best qualities for this type of product.

Q:  How should I take care of my Buckyballs?

A:  The Buckyballs is a durable toy and when properly cared for will last a long time. There are only a few simple things you should do to keep your Buckyballs in top shape and working properly. Do not get the Buckyballs wet or dirty. Do not grind the Buckyballs spheres against each other. When your Buckyballs does need cleaned, only use a dry cotton cloth and avoid all chemical cleaners.

Q:  Can I pay by check, money order, COD, etc?

A:  Our website accepts payment from all major debit or credit cards. We are unable to accept any other forms of payment at this time.

Q:  My order has not arrived. Can you check on its status?

A:  Our most likely answer to this question will be: “Your package is still on its way. Please allow an additional 3-4 days for delivery.” While the vast majority of our shipments arrive within the estimated time, delays are always possible. We do not guarantee delivery times. If a package is returned to us for any reason, we will of course contact you as soon as possible.

Q:  Are there bulk rates or distribution opportunities available for retailers?

A:  Yes! We are able to offer discounts for retailers from low quantities of 25-59 units all the way up to thousands of units shipped directly from our factory. For more information please email us at ibuckyballs@gmail.com