Benefits and Uses

Stress Relief

One of the great benefits of your Buckyballs is the ability it has to alleviate stress. The power of the Buckyballs to banish stress is innate within it's construction, 216 individual magnetic spheres make up your Buckyballs and give it properties unlike any other item on earth.

Like many other stress relief devices on the market, your Buckyballs can be manipulated, mangled, crushed and distorted to ease your mood.

Your Buckyballs sets itself apart from other stress relief devices in many ways, such as your ability to completely rend the Buckyballs apart and put it seamlessly together again. As you knead the Buckyballs in your hands makes an a very soothing audible "knack" much like a never ending piece of bubble wrap. Another way the Buckyballs excels at stress relief is the unique tactile sensation that only the Buckyballs can offer.

Many believe the magnets themselves can be beneficial to one's health. It has been said that powerful magnetic fields such as those produced by the Buckyballs can be effectively used to relieve stress.

Perhaps the most relaxing property of the Buckyballs is when it takes shape. Your Buckyballs has billions of solutions that you can make. Successfully creating anything of beauty comes with a real feeling of accomplishment and pride.

But how can a toy make me feel good about myself? Easy.

Everyday we work, we toil and we task. From dawn to dusk, we do things we would rather not be doing and it is rare that anything we do results in something we can be proud of, or something beautiful. With the Buckyballs, it is easy to create objects that you will be proud of, many of the shapes being absolutely unique, never before created in the universe.

Go ahead and be proud of yourself; you deserve it!

Creative Outlet

The drive to create is instinctual and elemental to human existence. Your Buckyballs is the perfect conduit into which your creativity may flow.

The total control of the Buckyballs is resultant from it's composition of 216 individual spheres along with geometry itself.

-Each individual sphere is essentially a point.

-Several spheres arranged in a string essentially form a line.

-Lines can be manipulated to form two-dimensional shapes or polygons.

-Points, lines, or polygons can form three-dimensional shapes or polyhedrons.

The implication of this Omni-dimensional dominance over your Buckyballs is that billions of solutions are possible.

Because your Buckyballs gives you the freedom to control it at all levels, your creations can be as unique as you!

Educational Benefits

Your Buckyballs has significant educational benefits.

Simply playing with your Buckyballs will lead to a better intuitive knowledge of geometry and math. Using your Buckyballs as an educational tool in conjunction with text books will result in a better understanding of geometry both in theoretical and practical terms.

There are also many principals of physics that can be better understood simply by playing with your Buckyballs.

Billions of Solutions

Your Buckyballs actually has a near infinite number of solutions.

With all of these possible solutions, you will come up with numerous shapes and patterns for which there are no names, because you will be the first person in history to have created it.

This also implies that your Buckyballs has a ridiculous replay value.

In essence, you will never be able to create all that is possible to create with your Buckyballs, so it will never get old or boring. You can play with it time after time and surprise yourself with a new creation on every endeavor.

Most puzzles and games only have one solution, so they have little or no replay value. Why purchase a puzzle or game with a single preset solution or ending? What fun is it to know the journey will end before it even begins?

With the Buckyballs, you and you alone will decide when your creation is complete. When you are satisfied and wish to start again, simply crush your Buckyballs into a ball and start fresh on something completely different.

You could spend your entire life attempting to create every shape possible and still barely scratch the surface.

This is partly to do with the unparalleled creative control that is afforded to you by your Buckyballs. The 216 individual magnetic spheres that comprise your Buckyballs can be arranged and rearranged to nearly any orientation.

Innovation Initiator

Every day, in every situation, we must adapt. One's ability to be innovative in their adaptations will directly affect how successful that individual will be in life.

Most games and puzzles require you to simply react in order to achieve the preset goal. The Buckyballs, on the other hand, lets you be innovative not only in establishing your own goals, but in reaching them as well.

Practicing with your Buckyballs could lead to better problem solving skills and an enhanced ability to innovate.

Using your Buckyballs to create shapes could actually exercise both hemispheres of your brain because it encourages you to be creative and constructive.

Dual Hemisphere Brain Stimulation

Your Buckyballs is a truly amazing thing. It has the power to simultaneously stimulate and "exercise" both hemispheres of your brain, making it more beneficial to you than most other types of puzzles.

A ridiculously brief explanation of hemispheres:

Your brain is divided into two hemispheres by the corpus-callosum, a thick band of 200-250 million nerve fibers through which the hemispheres communicate with each other.

Either side of the brain is responsible for different functions of the body and cognitive faculties.

Most of what we know about this can be attributed to Dr. Rodger Sperry who won a Nobel Prize in 1981 for his work on the subject.

The left side of the brain is responsible for logic, math and language. It also controls the muscles on the right side of the body.

The right side of the brain is responsible for spatial abilities, creativity, face recognition and visual imagery. It also controls the left side of the body.

When you create with your Buckyballs, you will not only exert your spatial abilities and creativity, but also your logic and even math skills. This enables both hemispheres to become active at the same time and communicate over the corpus-callosum.

We all know that if we exercise our bodies they will grow stronger and feel better. So it stands to reason that if we exercise our minds we will get the same result.

Just as you would not exercise one side of your body and not the other; why waste time on other products which only exercise one side of the brain?